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Written by Carl Hutchings author of The Soccer Millionaire Mindset.

As I look back on my soccer career I realise winning was all about 2 main key points, Mindset and Strategies, this is the same as what my millionaire mentors told me, to become wealthy in the real world we have to be a master in both these two key areas.

Like a game of poker, winning is a mind-game that includes careful planning and cunning execution of strategy.

Now most people just want to know the strategies but what they fail to realise is that these two points go hand in hand, there is no point one without the other, that’s like your manager telling you just go out there and win a game but not giving you any knowledge on how to.

During my soccer career I managed to make a lot of money, I had all the strategies I needed, money wasn’t a problem, I was earning around 70,000

90,000K a year at the age of 23, I was good at what I did on the pitch, I trained hard and listened to what the manager told me.

Unfortunately and like a lot of young soccer players playing today, I did not have the mindset for dealing with the money, I had the mindset for becoming a good soccer player but not the mindset for dealing with its rewards.

If I had know then that the Mindset of a millionaire was the same just applied in a different way and in different areas, I would be a Multi Millionaire by now.

Without the mindset learning the strategies is a true waist of time,

You only have to look at the statistics with the lottery winners to see this, they say that eight out of every ten winners of over one million pounds end up broke and more unhappy than ever within 18 months of winning. My mentor ALWAYS TOLD ME The Mindset is 80% and strategies only 20% in the journey to becoming a millionaire and staying a Millionaire.

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