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The Beginning – Part One

Posted on: June 2, 2009

futbol en las calles

futbol en las calles

As a kid , You are always answering this question to those around you.

“What are you gonna be when u grow up??”.

My instant thought and answer to this question was to be a soccer player and at that time i was only 5 years old.

It was 1982 and I was 3 years old, growing up in Mexico where it lives, breeds and eats futbol.

That year the World Cup was held in Spain and I remember watching my first ‘partido de futbol’ Argentina vs Brasil.

I was literally standing inches away from the TV, totally captivated by one player on the field wearing the number 10 jersey while my family members including my dad and uncles were begging me to move so they could also watch the game. One thing i didnt really pay attention to.

Suddenly the ref pulls out a red card and my hero was sent off from the game and i wondered .

As he walked off the field i heard the name “Maradona” , That was his name.

From that moment I found an unexplainable passion towards the ball and started kicking and playing by myself inside the house . In the backyard . On the streets and wherever I went, there I was glued to my soccer ball.

Kindergarden and preschool to me was about identifying with somebody who wanted to play as bad as I wanted to and it wasn’t a success so I ended up playing alone by myself in the yard, which categorized me as the lonely kid with no friends…

Kids at that age when i was growing up were usually into other things like coloring , drawing , playing marbles , cars  and cartoons or other things but the game of Soccer. Most of the kids who were as close as passionate as me about the game were all years older than me and it was not easy to earn your way in their circle.

To be continued…


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Actually Mexico is a relative newcomer to the world of Futebol. Mexican Futebol didn’t take off until Mexico City hosted the 1970 World Cup. Check out my blog.

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